Patricia Guerra-Hirji, DDS

Preventive Services


Preventive services include cleanings, fluoride treatments, desensitizing applications and dental sealants. Periodic cleanings allow us to monitor periodontal (gum and bone) health, areas of potential decay and sites that have chronic or developing sensitivity. Having a set schedule for preventive maintenance is the most efficient system dentistry has to make sure your dental health is stable. Changes that may occur can be diagnosed and treated before major therapy is required. Our patients that commit to this protocol have the confidence that we will be proactive in taking care of problems in their early stages.

The use of dental fluoride has been proven to reduce decay tremendously. Individuals with a history of decay, or that are more prone to developing cavities, are ideal candidates for fluoride. We also use fluorides for patients with periodontal disease. Certain types of fluoride actually act like antibiotics by reducing bacteria levels that contribute to gum problems.

Patients that suffer from chronic sensitivity, especially cold, benefit from our topical desensitizing treatments. Although this approach is not permanent, we can provide several months of relief from hot, cold, and sweets. Ask us about this great service if you have dental sensitivity problems.

A dental sealant is a flowable resin that is bonded over the pits and fissures (grooves) of back teeth. A sealant acts like a barrier, protecting these vulnerable areas from bacterial plaque. The vast majority of cavities in our children occur in pits and fissures, therefore, sealant applications can result in a significant reduction of tooth decay. We also offer sealants to our adult patients that have areas that may be susceptible to developing decay. This painless procedure does not require anesthetic and can be completed within just a few minutes.

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